South America/Mexico

Come with us and explore the exotic lands of South America and Mexico. We offer trips to the Amazon, the Galapagos and Baja California.

Amazon Butterfly
Harbor Seal
Isla Santa Cruz and Cardon

“I wanted you all to know that my trip to the Galapagos was wonderful, incredible, and fantastic. The islands and wildlife were beyond what I had expected. The boat Samba was comfortable and the group small enough to be able to do a lot – on average of two hikes and two snorkels a day. We went to a lot of islands and I especially was excited that we explored the west side of Isabela and got to land on Fernandina. Our tour guide was knowledgeable, enthusiastic, kind, and committed to taking care of her country and her land. Our captain and crew were helpful and friendly, and the food was great. I’m recommending this trip to anyone and everyone I know. I also enjoyed Quito and the hotel was perfect. Thank you for arranging a trip of a lifetime.”