Why Us?

Venturing to Alaska is a trip of a lifetime for many people, and we realize you have numerous choices. Our goal is to get you “up close and personal” with nature in all its diversity. Wildlife, old growth forests, ice, expansive wildflower meadows are part of all our trips. We have over 30 years experience in these Southeast Alaska/British Columbia waters and would love to share them with you.

We’re one of the few companies with permits for Pack Creek and Anan Creek bear reserves, and possibly the only company with those permits and also a concession permit for Glacier Bay National Park. Our small group size allows us to visit official, congressionally designated wilderness areas that are limited to 12 or fewer people. And even better, we have no fixed itinerary. We take advantage of wildlife opportunities as they present themselves, remain flexible for the interests of the group, and give each one of you a “lifetime experience.”

We’ve traveled round the world
From Portugal to Carolinas
About our trip to Alaska,
This was the finest,
This was the finest.

Roland & Marcie

Rainbow Whale Tail
Scratching Anan Bear

“What an experience! Whales, bears, birds, oh my! Thank you for the knowledge, expert seamanship, and excellent food. This week will live in my heart and mind’s eye forever.”